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Our Philosophy

Integrated Control Solutions is an innovative distributor of factory automation components. Our business philosophy is to provide quality parts and unsurpassed service to our customers. Major products include control equipment, magnetic motor starters, push-button switches, pumps, hydraulic valves and earth leakage breakers. Our responsive sales team is experienced in procurement. Whether your process is manufacturing, packaging, industrial machines, control panels, or distribution centers, we put our energy to work for you.

  • International sourcing and distribution
  • Fast delivery for maximum productivity
  • Competitive pricing
  • International Connections

    We are a representative of leading manufacturers, including: Omron Electronics, Nippon Oil Pump, Ohkura Electric, Fuji Electric and Daikin. Integrated Control Solutions supplies and supports automated controls and machine tool replacement parts to large and small companies worldwide. The engineering and technical sales force is experienced in both domestic and international markets including Japan, Europe, South America and Mexico. Our customers have global access to parts through our extensive international network. We service over 750 Japanese companies supplying products such as ESG, OHKURA, SMC, YASKAWA, DAITO, IDEC, MITSUBISHI, MYOTOKU, SHINKO, AND CKD. Integrated Control Solutions can source from A to Z all products mechanical or electrical.

    Expanded Services

    Integrated Control Solutions has enjoyed steady growth since its inception in 1990. Our expanded international reach translates into: "any part, any time, anywhere." Over these past years, Integrated Control Solutions has purchased millions of dollars in parts and materials from over 750 suppliers. Today more than half of our sales in America are from our direct Japanese trading business. Worldwide sourcing, competitive pricing and unsurpassed service position Integrated Control Solutions as the company to call for your solutions.

    Let us put our energy to work for you.

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