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Electric Tools and Air Tools

Japanese Company Name Trade Name Product
Minitor Co., Ltd. Minitor Precision electric grinders, pointed tools
Ushio Co., Ltd. Ushio Precision air grinders, pointed tools
Excell Technica Excell-T Metal mold, super-marker
Omi Kogyo Co., Ltd. Omi Portable cutting machines
Kurita Seisakusho Kurita Air guns
Fuji Air Tools Co., Ltd. Fuji Pneumatic Air Drivers
Vessel Co., Ltd. Vessel Pneumatic Air Drivers
Yokota Industrial Co., Ltd. Yokota Pneumatic Air Drivers
Uryu Seisaku, Ltd. Uryu Pneumatic Air Drivers
Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd. Nitto Pneumatic Tools
Delvo K.K. Delvo Electric Drivers