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Packaging Examples

Packaging Unevenness Detection

Milk Bottle Cap Top/Bottom Distinction

Inner Lid Detection

Cap Tightness Detection (Metal Cap)

Cap Looseness Detection

Label Presence (Labeler)

Cap Presence Detection

Object Detection in Narrow Spaces

Milk Carton Printed Character Recognition

Bottle Label Detection

Mark Sensor Use Techniques (1) Lustrous Sheet Mark Detection

Mark Sensor Use Techniques (2) Clear Film Mark Detection (using reflection)

Mark Sensor Use Techniques (3) Selection of Light Color for Color Variation Detection

Level Detection Inside Container (gel consistency detection)

Transparent Bottle Liquid Content Detection (Liquid Transparent)

Transparent Film Position Detection

(Transparent) Film Edge Detection

Transparent Film Presence Detection (no space for reflective plate attachment)

Transparent Film Detection (1)

Liquid Detection in Opaque Container

Detection of Label on Medicine Bottle

Ampule Detection for Small Area

Inspection of Length of Medicine Packaging

Food Packaging Inspection

Ampule Inspection

Sheet Snaking (Warping) Detection

Clear Sheet Pile Detection

Control of Clear and Photosensiti ve Film Slack

Beer bottle Label Presence Detection

Clear Sheet Pile Detection

Plastic Bottle Height Judgement

Distance Measurement (Upper/Lower Limit Detection)

Capsule Length Judgement

Transparent Bottle Detection

Metal Detection in Vacuum/Medicinal Environment

Level Detection for Corrosive Liquids

Bubble Detection

Tape (packaged) Detection

Barrel Cap's Packing Detection

Bottle Cap Packing Presence Detection

Glue Presence Detection (medicine package)

Ink, Resin and other Liquid Level Control

Straw Detection

Detection of Changes in Water Purity

Bad Piece Judgement of Chocolate

Transparent Bottle/pet Container Detection

Mirrored Surface Detection

Milk Bottle Cap and Volume Inspection

Milk Detection (in carton)

Number of Dumplings Detection (in package)

Tank Liquid Level Detection

Aluminum Can Top/Bottom Judgement

Powder Application Confirmation

Bottle Label Detection

Margarine Tub Lid Tightness Detection


Transparent Film Detection

Grinding Amount Detection