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Transportation Examples

Work Piece Positioning

Work Piece Height Determination

Proximity Switch Controlled Work Piece Sorting

Distribution by Product Category Mark

Cardboard Box Lid Detection

Detection of Moving Springs Inside Clear Vinyl Tube

Detection of Blemishes and Sunken Area in Tiles

Pallet Distribution On a Multi-Product Line

Cardboard Box Detection

Uneven Packing

Crane Buzzer

Work Piece Positioning

Picture Tube Panel Detection

Falling Items Detection

Printing Paper Double Send Detection

Glass Thickness Measurement

Rubber Roller Bias Detection

One-Piece Product Inspection

Pressure Process Judgement

Nut (Top/Bottom) Judgement

Confirmation of Automated Connector Pin Insertion

Tap Thread Detection

Bright Metal Plates Overlapping Detection

Work Height and Hole Detection

Product's Vacuum Status

Screw Presence Detection (Free Flow Line)

Screw Length and Tap Detection

Hub Bearing Inspection

Moving Table Position Detection

X-Y Table X-Y Limit Detection

Mixed Line Work Detection

Measurement of Plate Incline

Chuck Confirmation Signal Transmission

Chip Parts Counting

Screw Length Judgement

Screw Tightness Detection

Work Shape Abnormality Detection

Bar Stock Diameter Measurement

Work Warpage De.tection

Pin Detection

Lead Detection

Work Overlap Detection

Fiber Bundle Detection

Laminated Tube Length Inspection

Nozzle Type Judgement

Molded Parts Presence/Curvature Inspection

Chip Part Pass-by Detection

Water Level Detection (Inside Glass Pipe)

Loop Detection

Work Positioning

Bar Stock Outer Diameter Judgement

Seal Detection

Fuse Counting

Screw Counting

Weaving Machine Thread Breakage Detection

Engine Block Detection

Tape Wind-up Detection

Video Cassette Counting

Lamp Housing Detection

Cassette Tape Case Groove Detection

Cassette Tape

Paper Container Forming and Adhesion Confirmation