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Integrated Control Solutions provides Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese Spare Parts sourcing services to small and large corporate departments. Major organizations like Matsushita Electronics, Cummins Komatsu, Nissan Automotive, Honda and Sumitomo have turned to us for their needs. Small machine repair shops as well as individuals have come to rely on us for cost competitive prices.

A lot of change has occurred with suppliers and customers. Streamlining and consolidation are the keys to competitiveness in today's marketplace. What makes us different from other firms is that we actually trade directly with Manufacturers and Wholesalers in Japan. We import directly from Japan.

North America is not lacking in companies that offer Japanese Spare Parts. Yet there is vast difference among us. The so-called large Japanese trading companies, which cater primarily to large corporate clients, may reserve only limited time in their busy schedules for the individual or small-business person. We treat every customer with the same personal consideration.

Integrated Control Solutions can supply hundreds of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Tawainese companies' products; timely and cost-effectively. We can help with finding replacements for older products or locating those hard to find items not marketed or supported in North America.

Since 1990, Integrated Control Solutions has grown into a trusted supplier to companies throughout North America. To those of you that are already customers, our sincere thanks. To those of you that are not, we look forward to putting our energies to work for you. On behalf of everyone at Integrated Control Solutions, let me say thanks.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Please bookmark us for all of your future Japanese spare part needs.

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